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Hewitt Family of Jamestown awarded $2500 by Forward Foundation

Three-month old Dakotah Hewitt, daughter of Larry and Melissa Hewitt, Jamestown, was born with Pulminary Valve Stenosis, a disorder that involves the valve that separates the heart’s right ventricle and the pulmonary artery, which carries oxygen-poor blood to the lungs.  When stenosis, or narrowing, occurs the valve cannot open wide enough for sufficient blood flow to the lungs.


Engelstad Family Foundation donates to Forward Foundation

Forward Foundation announced today the donation of $110,000 from the Engelstad Family Foundation.


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The mission of Forward Foundation is to support children in our communities experiencing a life threatening health crisis by providing financial assistance to eliminate financial obstacles in order to radically transform the financial future of the children and their families.

Forward Foundation serves children and their families in Bank Forward communities exclusively.  One hundred percent of contributions go to the children that Forward Foundation serves.

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